Inflatable Testing Service

With Inflatable Testing Service you can find out all you need to know about test requirements and exciting new developments

All inflatable play equipment requires an annual test in order to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). This is a legal requirement. It is also a requirement of most insurance companies and you could find any claim could be void if there is no current safety certificate.

This includes bouncy castles, slides, obstacle courses, bungee runs, and all other inflatable games.

Grand Affairs Group is able to provide annual tests through its Inflatable Testing Service and all tests are carried out to BS EN 14960:2013 by RPII registered inspectors. The PIPA scheme is also available.

Our inspectors will visit your premises to carry out the inspections. Alternatively hire a local hall in order that we do not have to combat the weather.

In order that inspections can be carried out quickly and efficiently you should: Be prepared to erect and dismantle equipment to be tested Have all manufacturers paperwork for individual units available Previous test certificates and reports Proof of any repairs or modifications Correct number of ground stakes for unit Correct fan/s for unit Any other equipment related to unit being tested

Your test will include a PAT test on your electrical fan and any electrical leads.

On completion of the test your examiner will inform you if the unit has passed or failed. If it has failed then a certificate will not be issued until the repair has been completed.

Please note that at the present time we do not offer an on site repair service.

In order to get your units tested and ready for the new season why not get them booked in now?

Why not get together with other hirers in your area and share the cost?

All electrical equipment requires a PAT test including fans, extension leads, all work and office based equipment. If we are testing at your premises why not get your office equipment PAT tested at the same time. It will save you money.

Before we test equipment here are some useful tips to help get your units through first time.

  • Ensure the unit is clean and dry
  • Ensure that any obvious repairs are carried out prior to testing
  • Ensure the unit has a minimum of 6 anchor points including two on the rear
  • Ensure the correct number of ground stakes are presented with each unit and that they are at least 16mm thick and 380mm in length
  • Ensure that all ground stakes are free from burring on the rounded edge
  • Check the fan presented is of the correct capacity and there are no broken or missing parts
  • Check the fan is working and that there are no exposed wires on the lead.

Inflatable Testing Service